Riders waving

Cycle Out Cancer

We Ride So Others May Live

Monthly Rides

First Friday of the Month-May-June-July-Aug-September

The first Friday of these months we honor past members who hav cemee had cancer but are no longer with us. Our route may include a lunch at their watering hole, a visit to a surviving spouse, or a visit to the cemetary to decorate their grave. Contact, Contact Cycle Out Cancer for more information on commemorative rides in your area.

Rider Safety

All riders must adhere to basic safety rules while on our rides:
  1. Gear up: Wear an approved helmet adn protective clothing appropriate for the weather 
  2. Maintain the big stuff: Check your tires, breaks, electronics, and frame before each ride 
  3. Check the little stuff: Make sure your lights, blinkers, mirrors, and stands all work correctly 
  4. Obey all traffic lights, and signs 
  5. Drive defensively and respectfully even when others do not 

Rides and Activities

Rides and activities are currently being planned for the these hospitals in the coming year:

Contact Contact Cycle Out Cancer for up-to-date schedules.